Synthetic marijuana

One day, I was in the Super Store 24 across the street from my house at the check out when a check-out-stand display caught my eye. “Goat Grass” and the slogan was: “when in need- smoke this weed” it confused me! WS it weed, or was that some company who put that to fuck with people.

That slipped my mind until yesterday, when I opened up my Seventeen magazine and saw the title: “I overdosed on synthetic drugs.” my reaction was: SYNTHETIC DRUGS? reading on I learned that a synthetic drug was ‘k2’ or ‘7H’ called ‘herbal incense’ was a “fake” LEGAL marijuana. There’s also “bath salts” which is cocaine. 2C-E, ecstasy. I don’t care for cocaine. I researched the internet and learned that if you’re over 18(darn) you can buy k2 at any gas station. It’s often labeled as: “plant food” or will say something straight out about weed. It will always say: “not for human consumption” to save their asses from the state.

So, we can buy pipes legally, AND the weed. Are we slowly heading towards legalized marijuana?! keep hoping! I know I am!

However, this shit is even more dangerous than the illegal plant. I read stories upon stories of people overdosing, and having seizures, becoming paralyzed with the E.

So, if you’re over 18, do your research feel free to walk into your nearest gas station, buy some weed, && toke up whereever you want!

But please be responsible.(:

we don’t want this shit to get out-lawed because too many people are dying.


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